Twitter Feed A First For Boxing Show

August 28, 2012

Costa Mesa, CA.; It was first for the sport of boxing as fight promoter Roy Englebrecht introduced the first ever live Twitter feed at his Fight Club OC show on August 16th. All fans in attendance at the sold out show were able to tweet their comments to all fans in attendance and even were encouraged to tweet their scoring of each bout. All the tweets were displayed in real time on the large Fight Club OC video board scrolling across the bottom of the screen.

“My son Drew, who is our marketing and operations manager has been wanting to come up with something that would get our Fight Club OC fans more interactive with our shows, and he thought that having a Twitter Scroll on the bottom of our video screen would be the way to do it,” said Englebrecht.

Englebrecht then had the technology developed to allow the twitter scroll on the screen and hired a company to be at the show and monitor all tweets before they were shown show that there would be quality control.

If the response from the fans was any indication Englebrecht’s Twitter experiment was a huge success. They were able to capture nearly 500 new Twitter addresses, and are going to offer this group a special ticket promotion at their Fight Club OC doubleheader, October 4th and 6th.

“I couldn’t be happier with what Drew has put together, as we continue to be one of the most innovative fight promoters in the business,” concluded Englebrecht. “We are also working with Apple on several new video apps that will blow people away when we launch them.”