NO MISMATCHES On April 2nd Fight Club OC Show

March 24, 2015

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Too many times fight fans complain about mismatches on pro shows and that one corner always seems to win. NOW HEAR THIS FIGHT FANS…No Mismatches on the Thursday, April 2nd Fight Club OC show in The Hangar at the OC Fair & Event Center, so another reason to get your tickets soon.

On tap April 2nd are nine pro bouts and almost every one is a pick’em fight. Check out the Fight Card and see that the Blue Corner fighter records are 42-3 and the Red Corner fighter records stand at 50-34, hardly a mismatch of a show, with both corners having winning records!


And fight fans in attendance will see the pro debut of Orange County native and UCI grad Reece Bennett, with a story that is right out of an HBO Special, and a reason to show up and get behind Reece on April 2nd.

But let Reece tell the story in his own words in an email he sent Roy Englebrecht:


I started boxing at the age of 4 with my dad and I fell in love with it.  For as long as I can remember, we always had huge fight parties with multiple former fighters and old friends of my dad who actually were some pretty big names in the boxing world back in the 60’s and 70’s. Boxing turned out to be something I excelled at. At four years of age I began taking Karate lessons and eventually earned my BIack Belt, but Boxing was the one sport that really held my interest.  Although I played club baseball and football while growing up,  I really was more interested in Boxing. I started competing at the age of 11 and after I got into high school I turned my focus exclusively to Boxing, the only sport I truly loved.


On the day I turned 17, I won the California Golden Gloves. After the tournament, I was forced to turn my focus on my studies as I was taking multiple AP classes at San Clemente High School. During this time I wound up around some bad people and eventually I got heavily involved in drugs, namely heroin. I turned down an academic scholarship to UNLV because I wasn’t ready to quit. Fast forward to 2 years later and I was still at Saddleback, barely making C’s and having a really hard time in life. Boxing went by the wayside and all I could focus on was my addiction. I subsequently got arrested and saw my life going quickly down the drain. I will always remember the day on June 1st, 2009 when I was in jail, facing a significant amount of jail time; my adult life about to be taken away. I knew I did not want to live that life anymore. It isn’t something I am proud of but am happy I went through because it made me the man I am today. Luckily for me the courts granted me a chance to turn my life around, despite being skeptical about whether I had what it would take to successfully complete the intense (Drug Court) program in front of me. Well,  I met the challenge and exceeded their expectations. I have been given a new start in life with my record now expunged.  Around the time that I joined the program, I started getting involved with boxing again. This time I put my heart in soul into school and boxing. From that moment, I did everything I could to get better at both and it ended up paying off. I have been ranked top 10 amateur light-heavyweight  boxers in the U.S. for the last 3 years, including number 3 in 2012. I was also on the US National team for 2 years.

reece_1I decided to turn professional in 2013, injuries delayed those plans.  First, I had an elbow surgery to correct damaged cartridge and elbow problems and soon after suffered a serious hand injury. During this time I turned my focus to my studies. I Graduated Summa Cum Laude from UCI and recently took the Law School Admissions Test, scoring in the 92nd percentile and guaranteeing me a spot in a top 20 law school. My plan is to box for as long as I can and then go to Law School. I was very, very lucky to have 2 very supportive parents and more importantly a grandma who never stopped pushing me. Both emphasized the importance of chasing your dreams as well as maintaining a backup plan.”

April 2nd MMA ACTION

MMA fans are in store for some good MMA brawls as Lakewood’s Matthew Martinez returns to Fight Club OC after his tough decision loss against Trevor Clapper on opening night Feb 5th. Matthew who is always down for a tough fight and looking for redemption is set to face Dana Point’s Jakob Stahl, a black belt in Karate, on April 2nd who will be looking for his first professional win.

MattNot only that but it will be a WAR when 3-1 Michael Hamida from Irvine meets 3-1 Mike Segura from Rancho Santa Margerita as this fight has the makings of a Fight Club OC money fight as both fighters are quick on their feet and heavy with their hands!

FANS, COME EARLY, because of this big nine bout show, Fight Club OC will debut a Fight Before The Fights Promotion, with a big eight round matchup between world rated 13-0 Arif Magomodev vs Derrick Findley with 21 big pro wins, and this bout will take place at 6:45pm.

PLUS Our Brand New Fight Club OC T-Shirt Design will be released and On Sale April 2nd, Thanks to Unanimous Clothing!

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