MMA Rising Stars Stand Out at Fight Club OC

October 16, 2012

By: Jonathan King The Clinch Report

Making a name for yourself in the world of mixed martial arts was much easier during the infancy stages of the sport. Today very talented fighters are left struggling for an opportunity to showcase their skills. At the amateur level, fighters give their all just for a chance to become a professional. Most never make it past the amateur ranks. The very few who do, face extremely difficult odds. In the business of fighting, your foundation is the key to your success.


Roy Englebrecht and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, and UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz are providing that strong foundation for several young fighters in the southern California area. Fight Club MMA is a burgeoning promotion that is full of young professional talent in both Boxing and MMA. They also provide an amateur showcase that gives young fighters the opportunity to compete in an a extremely professional environment.


Set up in an old hangar, this amateur showcase has the look and feel of a professional fight. Awaiting the fighters is a packed house of friends, family members and MMA fans in general. The competition is raw, aggressive at times sloppy, but never boring. As the fighters enter the ring, to catered music, the look and feel of the event surpasses some of the larger professional shows. The motivation is evident with Tito Ortiz looking on, these young martial artists are looking to impress.


The full fight card of 9 bouts featured fighters at several different weight classes. who specialized in several different aspects of the sport. For the most part striking was on display, with several exciting exchanges that had the crowd a buzz. The amateur status of some of the participants was evident, however most of the young fighters appeared to be well trained and in excellent condition.


This is an amazing promotion. The fights are exciting, and the showcase is extremely ‘fighter friendly’ with each fighter receiving an equal push and opportunity to perform under the lights. The OC Fight Club is a great place to separate the gym rats from the prospects.


MMA as a sport has seen the talent pool explode over the years. The days of ‘one trick pony’ champions are over. In order to succeed at the highest level, fighters have to be well versed in all aspects of the sport, not just one. The amateur division is where these skills become honed, and polished. Roy Engelbrecht and Tito Ortiz have provided the opportunity for young fighters to display those skills, on a very grand scale. With promoters like Roy and Tito, the future is looking pretty bright for the future stars of MMA.