MMA Fight Announcer For A Night Promotion Announced Become A Future Star at SummerFist II Show At Open Audition

June 29, 2011

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Become A Future Star at SummerFist II Show

Newport Beach, CA: For all those MMA fans who have sat at home or in the arena and listened to star Mixed Martial Arts  fight announcer Bruce Buffer do his thing in the cage and say to themselves or to anyone who would listen; “I can do that” or “How hard can that be” or “I have moves just as good as Bruce”, well now is your chance to see if you have what it takes, as Southern California fight promoter Roy Englebrecht announces his Inaugural MMA Fight Announcer For A Night Promotion. At Englebrecht’s SummerFist IV show on Thursday, July 28th at the Orange County Fair, 10 lucky fight fans or future fight announcers will step into the center of the cage and announce one fight, and perhaps start a new career or at least make one of their dreams come true!

The 10 lucky guest MMA fight announcers will be chosen at a FREE Open Audition to be held Sunday, July 17th at the Irvine Marriott Hotel starting at 10am.  At this Free Open Audition attendees will be asked to present their best announcing style, whether it is a Bruce Buffer imitation or their own unique style.  At the audition each contestant will be asked to introduce a bout as well as read the results of a bout. The 10 fight announcers selected from the audition will be announced Tuesday, July 12th.

The 10 lucky future fight announcers selected to work the July 28th show,  will each get to announce one complete bout on the July 28th SummerFist IV show at the OC Fair, including the fighters walk-in introduction, the fighters bout introduction, the ring card girls introduction, and announcing of the bout results.

Each guest fight announcer will have their bout videotaped and well as have their picture taken in the cage with the two fighters and ring card girls, from the fight they announce.

As an added bonus all 10 fight announcers will have their one bout work posted online at so that fight promoters anywhere in the world can view their efforts, and who knows what that could lead to!

ALL PERSONS must submit a Registration Form for the MMA Ring Announcer For A Night Promotion prior to the Open Audition on July 17th, and they can have a form sent to them by emailing or call Roy Englebrecht Promotions at 949-760-3131, and there is no age or gender restriction to register.