MMA Fight Announcer For A Night Promotion Announced

June 9, 2014


For all those MMA fans who have sat at home or in the arena and listened to star Mixed Martial Arts  fight announcer Bruce Buffer or Bellator’s Mike Williams or Fight Club OC’s Mike Hart do their thing in the cage and say to themselves or to anyone who would listen; “I can do that” or “How hard can that be” or “I have moves just as good as Bruce”, well now is your chance to see if you have what it takes, as Southern California fight promoter Roy Englebrecht announces his 2nd Annual MMA Fight Announcer For A Night Promotion, that will be featured at two of his summer shows. At Englebrecht’s SummerFist V show on Sunday, June 22nd at the San Diego County Fair and three weeks later on Sunday, July 13th at the SummerFist VII show at the Orange County Fair, eight future fight announcers at each show will step into the center of the cage and announce one fight, and perhaps start a new career, make one of their dreams come true, or cross it off their bucket list!


This opportunity is something that you can’t buy online or on EBay, so for only $200 you can make your announcing debut. Create your own style, whether it is a Bruce Buffer imitation or your own unique fighter intro, wear what you want, and have your announcing debut taped and plaster it all over social media…..the time in the cage is yours to do as you want.


The MMA Fight Announcer For A Night promotions will be on a first come first serve basis, so the first 16 people who sign up get the slots. And if you really feel like this is your calling and one bout is just not enough, Englebrecht is offering two fights for $300.


The 16 announcers will receive show credentials to meet with their fighters to get all necessary information, announce the fighters walk-ins, announce the fighters bout introduction, announce the ring card girls walk around, and announce the bout results.


The $200 fee will also include two tickets to the Show and Fair where they are working, plus each announcer will have their picture taken in the cage with the two fighters and ring card girls, from the fight they announce.


To lock up your spot inside the cage, email and ask a MMA Fight Announcer For A Night Registration Form so you don’t miss this opportunity.