Flores Brings Hope for the Heavyweight Division

August 13, 2012

Alexander Flores

The USA may not be the home of the Heavyweight division any more though that doesn’t mean the US can’t have it’s own emerging Heavyweight prospects. With this in mind it seems a fitting time to look at young American Heavyweight Alexander Flores (9-0, 7).

The good looking 22 year old Flores from California first came to the sport as a chubby kid looking to lose weight though swiftly made an impact in the local amateur scene as claimed the Southern California Golden Gloves title.

Following his amateur success, and short career in the unpaid ranks (where he went 14-2) Flores turned professional and debuted in March 2010. On debut Flores managed to stop Antonio Robertson (also making debut) in the 2nd round. Just months after his debut Flores was again in the ring, this time with Richard Hale. Hale, like Robertson, managed to make his way into the second round but was stopped before the end of the round. Flores would end the year 3-0 (2) after adding Cornell Davis to his record and securing his first decision victory.

After a successful 2010, Flores continued to improve and scored 4 more wins the following year, including out pointing the once promising Quadtrine Hill and stopping Ukrainian Serhiy Karpenko, two very good tests for a novice like Flores. By the end of 2011 Flores was starting to receive some hype and whilst it was only a whispers of his potential some hard started to take attention to the tall (6’4″), well conditioned and good looking fighter who had not only the skills to go a long way but also the looks that boxing promoters kill for. The boxing world was waking up to Flores and as a result he was able to spar with a number of highly rated opponents, including former world title contender Chris Arreola.

So far in 2012 Flores has managed to again takes steps in the right direction and claimed his first title, the WBC Youth Heavyweight title as he stopped the previously unbeaten Joey Montoya. In his next fight Flores will face the much more experienced Henry Namauu (10-4, 5), an opponent who’s last stoppage loss came in 2008 to the hard hitting Seth Mitchell.

If Flores can continue to improve under the radar there really is no limit to just how far the youngster can go. He may well become one of America’s top hopes for a Heavyweight world champion in a post Klitschko era.

Posted by Scott Graveson