Christy Martin vs. Mia St. John II Postponed Until August 14th

May 2, 2012

FRESNO, CA – Due to the emotional strain of having to relive the domestic violence victimization of being stabbed twice and then shot by her ex-husband, female boxing icon Christy Martin has asked promoter Roy Englebrecht if her WBC Super Welterweight World Championship fight against Mia St John could be postponed while she recuperates from the stress and trauma of the trial, conviction and sentencing of the ex-husband who tried to kill her. Both Englebrecht and Table Mountain Casino, which was to host the June 19th Final Victory show have understandably agreed to the postponement and have set Tuesday, August 14th as the new date for this championship show.

“I certainly understand the tremendous pressure and stress that Christy has been under, what with the national publicity from the trial, and having to testify and be in the courtroom with the man that wanted to kill her,” said Englebrecht. “Christy really wants to win her 50th fight, so after discussions with her trainer Miguel Diaz; they thought it best to take some time off to get her head cleared and then get back in training.”

Statement from Christy Martin:

“As the trial grew closer my anxiety rose daily if not hourly as the fear for my safety mounted. Jim Martin is a monster and had always told me he would kill me or have someone else do it. Due to these threats, and his previous actions, as the trial date grew closer, I knew this was a real possibility and was literally paralyzed with fear. After having endured a nearly fatal attack and not sure I would ever walk again, this was overwhelming. I felt as before, boxing would heal me but this was different. I love this sport and am equally excited to return to the ring for my 50th victory, but I am mentally and physically exhausted and need to heal. Due to my love for this sport, I want to give all my fans, Roy Englebrecht, and Table Mountain Casino, the show they deserve. Thank you for your support during the most difficult period of my entire life.” “I am terribly disappointed, said St John, but my focus is to beat her on August 14th. I‘ve waited nine years for this fight, so I can wait two months more.”

Tickets for the August 14th Final Victory show will still go on sale Monday, May 7th at or at Table Mountain Casino.