BIG LA Times Story Highlights Fight Club OC

July 22, 2013

If you missed this past Saturday’s LA Times front page, sports section story on promoter Roy Englebrecht, we wanted to make sure you had a chance to read it, so here is the story.,0,7287152.story


ONLY 80 tickets remain for big six bout Fight Club OC show on Thursday, August 15th, featuring three pro boxing and three pro mixed martial arts bouts, and you can purchase at

“Simply a terrific story by Lance on you in this morning’s Times. Very complimentary; caught your personality and your core values….congrats!” Bill Shumard – President/CEO – Special Olympics Southern California

“Just saw it!!! You deserve all you have, I don’t know of any promoter who attacks this sport with the passion you do, congrats…” Jesse Mercado – CEO – Mercado Construction Co.

“Congrats on the article! Front page LA Times Sports Section!!!! Well Deserved and long overdue!!” Richard Schafer – CEO – Golden Boy Promotions

“Congratulations pal. Well deserved and something you should be very, very proud of! I have no doubt your family is! Tim Mead – VP-Media  – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

“Great article… I truly and admire entrepreneurs like yourself. You don’t get stuck with an idea passed its glory… Rather you evolve with evolution which is why you are still on top. Best line I’ve ever read or heard in a while is “Don’t judge me by my past, I don’t live there anymore” siiiccckkkkk! Imma use it!” Alfonso Gomez  – World Class Boxer

“Awesome story Roy – congrats on the well deserved publicity. Having worked with 10s of regional MMA promoters in the last 5 years I can say without a doubt that you’ve nailed the problem that most suffer from. They’d rather seem impressive for a time than be smart and actually make money.” Adam Swift – Manager – AXS TV

“Ran across the recent profile in the LA Times. Congratulations! You taught me a lot about the sports business and I try to emulate your work ethic every day. Glad to hear things are good with the business.” Chuck McKean – Producer – Showtime Network