A Big Night With Even Bigger Knockouts and Relentless Action

August 25, 2023

Englebrecht Promotions & Events once again returned to the Hangar at the OC Fair & Events Center in Costa Mesa, CA on August 24th for another evening filled with thrilling combat sports action! With five bouts immortalizing multiple fighters, disciplines and styles, this hybrid boxing/MMA card literally left everything in the ring!

Opening the show was Riverside’s Nate Palencia (1-1) vs. Oakland’s Will Davis (2-1 1KO) in a 4 round, lightweight boxing match. These 130 pounders wanted to make a statement and they sure did! With a lot of inside action in the first round, there was more of the same in the second with both fighters busting each other up. Davis was slightly busier in the third round which made the fight up for grabs going into the fourth. The fighters let it all hang out with each one having their moments. In the end the decision went to Will Davis, 

Next up was Fight Club OC favorite Sonny Robledo (8-0 3KOs) from the San Fernando Valley, taking on Mexicali’s gritty Aurelio Parra Cosio (5-5-1 2KOs). Their 6 round, super lightweight contest promised action and it truly delivered! With Robledo’s frenetic stye he dropped Cosio in the middle of the first round. From there, some well placed punches gave Robledo the second. It was more of the same in the third with both fighters exchanging at the final bell. In the fourth the fighters seemed to take a small break, but in the fifth Robledo landed more of his signature shots as he drew Cosio in. Moving into the sixth round, Robledo continued to land the harder more effective shots and that brought him the decision.

The third bout of the night brought us into MMA territory and had Anaheim’s favorite son Ethan Ewing (2-2) battling Santa Ana’s Elijah Ozuna (1-1) in a 3 round, bantamweight match. From the start, everybody knew that heart was going to be on the line in this one as Ewing and Ozuna both used underhooks to try to establish dominance. Ozuna took Ewing down but Ewing made himself small, fought off his hip, and was able to stand up again. In the second, Ozuna was getting tired and Ewing dropped him with a right, jumped on Ozuna with some ground and pound and the fight was over.

Moving back to boxing, undefeated Jordan Panthen (4-0 4KOs) from Hawaii went head-to-head with super-veteran Todd Manuel (21-23-1 7KOs) from Louisiana. As this super welterweight bout was a co-headliner, these warriors looked to really whip up the crowd before the main event. Panthen landed the harder punches and took the first round from the durable Manuel who had his mouthpiece knocked out. Panthen was all over him in the second with Manuel unable to stop Panthen’s assault. Again, Manuel’s mouthpiece was knocked out. In the third round the fighters were trading, and Panthen caught Manuel with a short punch that wobbled him. Panthen followed up with some blistering uppercuts and the bout was waved off. 

Closing out the show was a Tequila Mandala Young Champions bout! Murrieta’s beloved, boxing hero Michael Meyers (6-2 3KOs) met Long Beach’s Tyrrell Washington (5-3 3KOs) in a 6 round, super lightweight slugfest! Meyers pressed the action in round one, although by the end Washington started to land. Meyers pressed ahead and landed straight lefts and rights as Washington was content to try and box from the outside. It was more of the same in the third as Meyers landed his straight punches and Washington attempted to counter. Similar action in the fourth as Washington tried to land more and this caused Meyers to increase his output. The fifth-round saw both fighters being a little fatigued, with Meyers trying to sway the judges with a late round volley. Meyers pressed the action in the sixth and ultimately won the Tequila Mandala Young Champions Fight of the Night with a unanimous decision. 

It’s over halfway through the year and all the Fight Club OC shows have consistently sold out! Join us on again on October 26 from The Hangar at the OC Fair & Event Center, in lovely Costa Mesa, CA, for what promises to be another night of bone breaking, jaw splitting action! Grab your tickets NOW! Do not delay as shows are currently selling out weeks before showtime because everyone knows this is where fights are guaranteed!