The Reviews are in…
Here’s what fans say about Fight Club OC

“I just wanted to tell you all thanks for giving us the opportunity to participate in your event. We’ve sent several of our fighters to compete in various promotions in and out of southern California and I can honestly say that yours by far outshines the others. Very classy venue, professional staff, and a great show. We are honored and humbled to be a part of it all and would relish in the opportunity to put on another show for you in the future. Thank you for the hospitality, the sincerity, and the professionalism that I could only hope to expect from other shows. From myself and everyone at LA Boxing/UFC Gym – Fullerton, we greatly appreciate it.”

“Little feedback. My buddy and I were on hand 8/18. Great event and production all the way around. Great card, exciting and fun, extremely well run and produced, classy, great value, truly awesome venue, love the mega big screen(really adds value and another dimension), and the ring announcer/MC was a perfect choice and did an outstanding job. You really have something special No question, i’ll be back and spread the word”

“Thank You for having MMA on the fight cards. Should be on everyone. Have been a boxing fan for years and MMA adds to the card.”

“Fight Club OC is spectacular, cutting edge, and has great energy.  The crowd was buzzing with excitement.  Moreover, the lighting, jumbo-tron, suites, clean look, open space, having it at the fair, parking, access points have all been improved.”

“Have to admit I was disappointed when the fights were moving out of the Marriott.  I am now completely sold!  The hangar was EXCELLENT!”

“Thanks again for an awesome Opening Night, the suite was so much more than expected.  You and your staff put on terrific matches in an awesome location.”

“By the way, you and your team did an AMAZING job at the Grand Opening and the Suites were “underpriced”, if anything, for the value we recieved!!!  Congratulations on acheiving the “Next Level”.”

“You put on one heck of a show.  Congratulations!”

“Great Debut, Roy.  What a venue.”

“You did a great job and the big screen and the clips on Brando and DeNiro was ingenious.”



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